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Bitcoin Price App: 50,000 mTTV Tokens after 34 Days

The Bitcoin Price app covers your basic needs as a crypto enthusiast/trader. It gives you an overview of how a lot of cryptocurrencies are doing.

bitcoin price interface

You’ll get cryptos like BTC, ETH, DOT, LINK, etc. using the app.

The stats that are currently available on the app are:

  • 1 Hour Growth
  • 24 Hour Growth
  • 7 Day Growth

Besides those, you’ll get an indicator that shows if a cryptocurrency is strong, neutral, or weak.

While those are “ok” features of the app, one thing that may keep you coming back to it is the free 50,000 mTTV tokens the app promises.

And that’s what we’re going to talk about in today’s article.

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Bitcoin Price App free 50,000 mTTV Tokens

If you’re the kind of person that looks for free ways to get some cryptos or earn money online, you may have come across the Bitcoin Price app and its 50,000 mTTV token payout promise.

The app has a counter that resets every 24 hours. After 24 hours, you’ll get the 1,500 button.

On tapping the button, the counter resets and you get 1500 mTTV tokens. Each time you tap the button, the tokens get accumulated.

On tapping the wallet icon on the top right, the app will request your email and an Ethereum wallet address to where you want your tokens sent to.

After accumulating up to 50,000 mTTVs, you’ll be able to request a payout.

Getting to 50,000 mTTV took me about 35 days, I was willing to put the app to the test. I actually had 51,000 mTTV tokens. I missed the button once if I remember correctly.

Is the Bitcoin Price App Legit

Answering this question is a bit tricky, so I’ll say this.

The Bitcoin Price app pays the 50,000 mTTV tokens it offers, but there is a catch. You will not get the Ethereum equivalence of the number of tokens (even though the app requests for an Etheruem wallet address), or be able to withdraw the tokens from the wallet it gets sent to.

To add to that, the 50,000 mTTV tokens are only 50 TTV tokens, which makes them totally worthless.

When I got to 51,000 mTTV tokens, I was relieved, the long wait was over. I requested a payout and refreshed my Ethereum wallet after every few minutes.

email and ethereum wallet address on bitcoin price 1
bitcoin price request payout

It wasn’t long before I received an email from Bitcoin Price. You can see it below.

email from bitcoin price

The app seemed legit until that point, I started to wonder why my Ethereum wallet address was requested if it was never going to be used.

I also wondered why they made it seem like accumulating mTTV tokens was a huge deal when in fact it was 51,000 divided by 1000.

At the time of this post, 1 TTV token is $0.00148, now multiply that by 51, you only get $0.075.

I don’t know about you, but that amount for 34 days of work is nonsense. Besides, the app needs an internet connection to work so I don’t see why I have to lose money to keep using it.

Anyways, let’s say you’re okay with $0.075 a month. The next thing you’re going to find out will definitely make you decide not to waste your time with the app.

You will not be able to transfer those tokens or exchange them with another cryptocurrency.

One of the annoying things about the whole process is that you’ll have to download a wallet called Freewallet.

freewallet ttv tokens

Now, I don’t know much about Freewallet or have anything against them, but what I can deduce from what I’ve seen so far is that the Bitcoin Price app developers are an affiliate for Freewallet. They get paid to bring more people to the wallet.

In other words, you are the product.

To access the free TTV tokens, you only have to download the app and register or login with the email you used on the Bitcoin Price app.

I tried to see if I could withdraw the 51 TTV tokens to my Trust Wallet account but got a transaction fee of 3127 TTVs.

ttv transfer network free from freewallet

So, unless you can try accumulating up to 4000 TTVs or just forget about the free tokens the Bitcoin Price app offers you until a miracle happens and 1 TTV becomes the same as 1 Bitcoin, I’d suggest not wasting your time with this app.

Unless of course you only want to use it for occasionally checking the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies (which a lot of other apps and websites do without trying to sell you to another platform).


The Bitcoin Price app is one of those apps good for checking the price of different cryptocurrencies and their overall growth.

Using the app as a source of income is possible but not feasible.

I am currently testing other apps and websites that offer free cryptocurrencies since I recently got into the crypto world.

I will be updating you on my findings.

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