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Thank You. Here Are Some More Donuts.

Last week I rebooted this newsletter with a twinge of anxiety. What would the response be like? Would everyone unsubscribe (and would they even remember subscribing to begin with)? My worries were misplaced: you greeted me with enthusiasm and kindness. I’m still making my way through the hundreds of emails readers sent with well wishes and suggestions for future topics. Even better, my subscriber base actually grew by a modest +2% (gaining more new subscribers than were lost to bounces alone is pretty impressive after three years!).

So thank you, I’m feeling inspired and I’m looking forward to staying in touch. As always, I welcome feedback and suggestions for topics.

My main reason for following up last week’s newsletter with a quick short edition is because there were a lot of PM job submissions and I want to get them out before next month. As always, job submissions are free and you can find more details at the end of this email.

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