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PhotoWhoa’s Exclusive Membership Program – PLUS

We’ll Treat you Royally if you have the Loyalty! It clearly pays to be a Plus Member on PhotoWhoa!

Read on as we share all the juicy details of what it takes to be a Plus Member on PhotoWhoa, along with all the rich rewards that you can reap from being one!

There are membership programs on photography sites – and then there is PhotoWhoa’s Plus Membership Program, a unique loyalty program where the adage of the sky is the limit does not seem to hold true…since the benefits easily crossover to the stars! 😊

On this page, you will find all the information you need on how to become a Plus Member on PhotoWhoa, along with the advantages that come with being one.

How to be a Plus Member

By paying a small premium, you can easily – and quickly become a PhotoWhoa Plus Member.

As things stand now, you either pay $99/year or $9/month…clearly, it pays off to opt for the annual option!

Benefits of being a Plus Member on PhotoWhoa

OK, this is where the list will be rather long – since there are innumerable benefits coming your way as a Plus Member on PhotoWhoa!

Firstly, you get 20% off on all your PhotoWhoa purchases – valid for as long as you have Plus membership!

On top of that, you also get up to 6 exclusive deals absolutely free!

Examples of such deals include:

Now, these same deals are not always sacrosanct – at PhotoWhoa, we strive hard to offer you new and exciting deals that always get your photographic pulse racing!

So, as a Plus Member, keep checking in to know the latest and best deal we have for you in store!

The Community Feeling

PhotoWhoa is without a doubt a congregation of budding and established photographers, from right around the world.

As a part of this community, you can easily get to share:

  • Photographic tips, tricks, and techniques.
  • Tools for best photographic output.
  • All the gossip on the best gadgets and gizmos to use.
  • Insider info on photo hacks? Our community would love to know – and also share sizzling ones with you!

While none of this would necessitate taking up Plus Membership on PhotoWhoa, your overall bonding on the platform will certainly be higher, once armed with one.

Reviews from our Plus Members

Did someone say, proof of the pudding lies in the eating?

Well, herein, you can see for yourself what our loyal patrons are saying about their Plus Membership experience:

Thanks to the freebies and discounts I have availed, I’ve ended up saving much more than what I’ve spent on being a photo a plus member.

  • Chris Richard, Fayetteville, USA

Notwithstanding my professional status as an established photographer of repute, availing Plus Membership on PhotoWhoa has brought me a whole host of benefits that would not come otherwise.

  • Jonathan Krygowski, Chicago, USA

Worth it!

  • Emily, London

I am bowled over by the sheer variety that PhotoWhoa has in its products. For a seasoned but amateur photographer hoping to go pro, PhotoWhoa’s resources are a virtual Godsend. I wholeheartedly recommend their Plus Membership, because the 20% savings on each purchase work out to more than the cost of the membership.

  • Duncan Attlee, Glasgow, Scotland

For me, the clincher (to get Plus Membership on PhotoWhoa) were the freebies they offered. One of them, in particular, was of relevance to me, especially since there was no other comparable offering in the market. To have got it completely free of cost (with my paid membership, of course) was the icing on the cake!

  • Shania Jenkins, New York City, USA

I love the community feeling on PhotoWhoa which was good enough a reason for me to opt for plus membership.

  • Amanda Lawson, Hoboken, USA

PhotoWhoa is every photographer’s dream – and its Plus Membership is certainly worth it.

  • Steve Smith, Melbourne, Australia

You’re certainly missing out without PhotoWhoa’s Plus Membership!

  • Jack Dawson, Toronto, Canada

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Plus Membership on PhotoWhoa!

  • Rishabh Singh, New Delhi, India

The quality of my professional output has gone up incrementally once I availed Plus Membership on PhotoWhoa.

  • A wedding photographer in Dubai, UAE


Q1. What is Plus Membership on PhotoWhoa?

A1. Plus Membership is a unique loyalty program on PhotoWhoa that grants you an amazing array of perks. You simply pay a small membership fee with which you can enjoy multiple benefits as long as your membership is valid.

Q2. Can you briefly describe the benefits of Plus Membership on PhotoWhoa?

A2. Well, briefly, these include:

  • 20% discount on all your purchases.
  • An assortment of 6 deals per year, offered completely free of cost.

Q3. How do I avail the abovementioned 20% discount?

A3. Well, it is really simple! Once you are logged in to the system as a plus member, you will automatically see discounted prices on all products. You can then choose the ones you would like to purchase.

Q4. Is there a refund policy available on your Plus Membership?

A4. Indeed, there is! As long as you have not availed any membership benefit, we have a no questions asked, 30-days refund policy. Unfortunately – as we are sure you would understand, refunds cannot be processed once you have availed membership benefits.

Q5. Can I cancel my Plus Membership on PhotoWhoa?

A5. Well, as sad as it would be for us to see you go, you can indeed cancel your Plus Membership on PhotoWhoa any time you like. In this case, since our billings are periodical, you can simply opt out of being charged for the next billing cycle.

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