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Leavenworth in the Winter

Find the perfect old-world gift in Leavenworth

Shopping in Leavenworth is a favorite of visitors who can wander along the streets to find the perfect Christmas gift. The Leavenworth Village of lights turn on at Thanksgiving and will stay lit through Valentine’s Day! When the Christmas lights are up it gives this slice of Bavaria an unbelievable radiance that is guaranteed to get you into the holiday spirit. What is Christmas in Leavenworth like? It’s a Bavarian-style Christmas that is fun for the whole family and filled with Trachten and Dirndells. This much-loved and popular Pacific Northwest tradition features wonderful and authentic Bavarian foods, handmade arts and crafts, as well as other local gifts. A winter getaway in Leavenworth has to include this family-friendly Christmas-themed Bavarian Village.

Tour the area on a snowmobile

There is a reason Leavenworth is one of the best snowmobile destinations on the planet. Between the 150 inches of snowfall and 150 miles of trails to explore, you are guaranteed an unforgettable trail experience. Leavenworth has a nearly endless supply of outfitters who will take care of all your snowmobiling needs. Trails and tours will accommodate riders of all experiences, from novice to backcountry adventurers. Most companies will coach you through the basics of riding and have you zipping around the trails before you can say Jack Frost.

Snowshoeing and Nordic skiing

Winter in Leavenworth is a haven, especially if you love to strap on some skis or snowshoes and head of into the snow covered mountians of alpine country. There are loads of trails for Nordic skiing and snowshoeing. Check out the abundant trails at Lake Wenatchee State Park or the Icicle River Trail. If you have never hit the trails or slopes, you can rent some gear and get a lesson at one of the many outfitters in the area. If you want to join a group and learn all about the local wildlife, check out a cross-country trek with the Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery. Naturalists will take you on trails that meander over the river and through the snow while you are both educated and entertained.

Sled down the hills in downtown Leavenworth

If you are looking for a winter activity that will bring out the kid in you, then head to one of the hills and go sledding! Sometimes the hills at the park can get a bit crowded, so you can also head down to Enchantment Park to do some sledding. You can bring your own sled, rent one, or you can rent a tube for a bouncy winter ride.

Celebrate Noel at the Nutcracker Museum

Winter is the perfect time to explore one of the most iconic holiday items—the nutcracker! The Nutcracker Museum has the foremost collection of nutcrackers on the planet. From antiques to novelties to nutcrackers from all over the world, this Leavenworth museum has got you covered. A tour will definitely have you in the mood to have your own exquisite hand-carved nutcracker, so The Nutcracker Store is conveniently located right there at the museum. Nutcrackers make awesome holiday decorations or as the perfect gift for anyone on your Christmas list.

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