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EV charging solutions for the 2030 e-mobility transition

Charging for Business solutions packages, Business Hub allows fleets to analyse, control and monitor all charging infrastructure at their offices, as well as view real-time data and insights on fleet charging costs.

An additional tie-up with leading vehicle rental company Europcar Mobility Group will provide a full ecosystem of charging solutions, including a charge card for customers granting them  access to Europe’s largest public roaming network – of over 175,000 charge points – for on-the-go charging.

The coming 2030 transition to all-electric mobility requires a vastly expanded charging infrastructure, as it’s estimated that by 2030 over 500,000 public charge points are needed in the UK. To make charging on the go more accessible, NewMotion has also partnered with on-street charge point operator Char.gy, adding more than 450 rapid charging connections to its UK roaming network. NewMotion’s UK presence has been further bolstered by partnerships with Aldi, Alphabet and Mazda, where drivers of the new MX-30 EV will be offered a NewMotion home charge point. Access to NewMotion’s 3,000-strong UK public network of chargers – which includes over 1,000 rapid points – will also be offered.

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