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Serge Ramelli Interviewed : On Making It Big In Landscape Photography

We are glad to host an interview with famous landscape photographer Serge Ramelli, an honest, positive, and down-to-earth personality. He talks about his journey from loving art as a child to becoming one of the most successful professional photographers.

The man who shot some of the most incredible cityscapes of the iconic places around the world. Get a sneak-peek into his life before he pursued photography as a profession. Catch the complete interview below to know how Serge Ramelli made it big in the landscape photography genre.

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As a child, Serge always wanted to be an artist. Before pursuing photography as a profession he worked as a vice president at his brother’s company but his passion for art never took a backseat.

In this interview, he also shared a little back story of how he got introduced to photoshop. Back in 2005, way before any quality digital camera’s existed, he was on a trip when one of his friends showed him the endless possibilities that could be created with Photoshop and that was the turning point in Serge Ramelli’s life that lead him into this amazing world of photography.

Serge took some of the incredible cityscapes of Paris for 5 years, and now has a huge collection of mesmerizing shots of this beautiful city. His passion for photography can be seen in each of his shots. His work has now been displayed in 100 art galleries across the world and has written 7 books.

This interview has been a heart-to-heart conversation with Serge Ramelli. He shared his fallbacks and rock bottoms and we are sure his story will inspire you in ways you can’t imagine.

Here’s a quote from this interview that’s worth mentioning.

“Food makes your body go, but as a human being your ambitions and dreams is something that makes your spiritual self grow.”

From struggling to make ends meet to becoming one of the most successful photographers, Serge’s journey is really inspiring.

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