Freewill customized Hair-care review

Hair Care Routine – Can natural products tame your Frizzy hair?

Gone are the days when straight hair used to rule the Beauty industry. Times have now come that more and more girls have embraced their curls and are rocking them in the most stylish way possible. Having said that, Frizzy tangled hair are the most difficult to tame and thus they require a lot of products. More products equals to more chemicals. I for one am totally against using harsh chemicals on my hair, for one I have sensitive scalp and sensitive skin which reacts easily with most chemical products. Also the fact that these chemicals are not only harmful to your hair in the long run, most times they even change the texture of your actual hair and lead to many other complications like hair-fall, dandruff, scalp damage, etc.

This is why I was looking for an organic brand that uses natural ingredients for my hair care. One hurdle crossed, my next hurdle was that I wanted to use minimum products to solve all my hair issues. I had specific concerns for my hair and I really didn’t want to end up buying 10 different products, one for shine, one for volume, one for dandruff, one for hair-fall, etc for each of my concerns. I was looking for one product that would take care of all my hair problems. A complete hair care routine rolled in one organic product! Which is when someone suggested free-will personalized hair care to me. I really like their products and luckily they asked me to do a review for them. 

freewill haircare kit review

freewill customized haircare kit

Freewill Shampoo Review

One of the best thing about free-will hair care kit is that its totally customized for your hair. They take a rigorous analysis of your hair type, texture, your scalp issues, the weather and come up with a custom made shampoo, conditioner and serum just for your hair. I mean Wow! The most important thing here being its just three products for all your complains, which means saving time, energy and your pocket. Not to forget that many less products in your hair.

Customized hair analysis for hair care

freewill hair analysis

As you log on to their website, you will be directed to an online hair consultation that will ask you to fill a form about your hair texture, oiling frequency, wash frequency and your expectations from the product( I really liked this last bit coz most sites take the feedback but they don’t ask what we want exactly from the product!) Once that’s done.

hair analysis for custom hair-care reigmen

Freewill personalized hair care- attention to details

Natural ingredients for taming curly hair

Ingredients for Taming my curly hair!

Apart from a few general questions like your favorite colour the kind of smell you like, etc, they also have tricky questions about sensitivity and allergies. Thats really good. I like Freewill personalized hair care already! Finally you get your personalized free online hair analysis sitting at home! It will not only show you texture and type of your hair but also give the natural ingredients that can help your hair situation. Like I get to know the exact organic ingredients for taming my curly frizzy hair!! A customized Formulae created only for your hair in a personalized bottle of your favourite colour (mostly) with your preferred fragrance will reach you within a few days of order placement. Wow! The best part about it was the fact the brand Freewill puts in a lot of efforts to make it personalized right from the ingredients to the color, fragrance and having your name on the bottle! Yes! Thats actually the cherry on the cake!

Free customized online hair analysisq

Free customized analysis

Let’s get to the real stuff now –
The shampoo claims to be sulphate and paraban free. Well they use the sodium lauroyl methyl isethionate which is from the family of the sulphates but is a milder one. Some of other nature derived products that are used are aleovera, avacado, macadamia oil, jojoba and walnut seed oil, shea butter, blueberry extract, etc. These are the products listed in the products I received.

Freewill personlized haircare kit

Texture – the texture is slightly liquidish which I am presuming is because it’s a milder version and thus already has some water base added that makes it less harsh.

Smell – It has a mild smell mostly of the fruit extracts used and doesn’t irritate my nose at all. I had mentioned in the form about my preference for smells and they well took that into consideration. 

Lather – If used on unoiled hair it gives a good lather enough to clean like all the other natural products and oil based shampoos do, but unlike the chemically loaded one it will not form a white smooth lather base, if you are expecting that! Nevertheless it’s enough to clean hair. Yes! If used on oiled hair, you will need to give your hair atleast two or three washes to completely remove the excess oil. Again it will all depend on what you have filled in the form about your wash and oil frequency I am guessing. 

After wash – There is a conditioner and a serum in the kit that you will be using post the wash. The conditioner is a creamy thick consistency conditioner like any other but it does give your hair the required smoothness. The serum is a live in one and it will keep the hair moisture locked.

before after freewill review

Before and after wash Freewill Haircare experience

Here are a few things noticeable about my experience with the Freewill personalized hair care and the customized shampoo for frizzy hair. The hair care kit came with natural products for my curly hair care regime and frizz control. Trust me, It takes a village to maintain the curly mane tangle free and it is not a joke when I say that very few products make it there. For me Freewill almost did! And the fact that it is paraban free, sulfate free and toxin free almost makes it to my list of favorites. Without much a do lets get to the main points about my Freewill shampoo review!

1. It doesn’t let the hair dry completely

2. Doesn’t change the texture of your hair

3. Hair does feel smooth and soft but not silky or glossy finish.

4. It kept my waves in tact however made it tangle-free post towel drying.

5. A bit of oil stays in hair but it doesn’t feel sticky.

6. I had listed volume in one of my expectations and it does give volume but not as I expected.

7. Over all a good product and I would buy it next time.

No doubt the after wash pictures will show the less fine version of my hair, the reason being that this is one month usage result and in this period I have seen a lot of frizzy fly aways cropping up suddenly. These are actually new hair growing, which is a great thing. But at the same time the frizz control is not as effective on the tiny hairs as it is in taming the long ones obviously. 

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