how to take a screenshot on iphone xr (2 ways)

You basically want to do this way if there’s issues with your volume up button or your power button.

  • Go into your settings
  • Go down to general
  • Tap on Accessibility
  • Look for Assistive touch and tap on that like this
  • After turn On Assistive touch You see floaty icon
  • how to take a screenshot on iPhone Xr,xs or x without power button and volume button

  • This menu here however we are going to make it to do a screenshot.
  • Tap on sigle tap
  • we want to do is look for screenshot tap on screenshot
  • Tap on icon it’s going to give a screenshot.
  • Now you can take screenshot anywhere just tap on icon.
    Apple remove physical button on its devices iPhone x ,xs and xr. for this reason it’s difficult to take screenshot.
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