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Deepika Padukone style – 5 glam ways to wear a white Shirt!

Sustainable & Stylish – Five different ways to style a white shirt like celebrity Deepika Padukone

Celebrity fashion so far has mostly been all about brand endorsements and fast fashion trends. However with changing times the celebrity styles are also embracing change. We all know for a fact its now time to be more conscious of what we are buying and how much we are buying. Fashion industry will have to slow down and include in a lot of local artisans and degradable fabrics and durable fabrics that can be turned into classics. Restyling and Re-purposing will be at the fore-front along with a lot of DIY stuff. Sustainable fashion is the only way forward!

5 different ways to wear a white shirt

5 stylish ways to wear a white shirt

Deepika Padukone has always been an ambassador of Sustainable Style! Not that she doesn’t flaunt labels but I think she is the only celebrity who has taken up simple basics and turn them into style statement! Deepika is also known for her outfit repeating and restyling a lot. That’s one Celebrity Style that we would totally pick up post quarantine. Recently we have seen Deepika padukone flaunt a lot of styles that included an over-sized white shirt. I totally dig all her looks and its a great way to style a white shirt into different ways. You may ask me “how to wear a white shirt in 5 different ways and still look glamourous?” Well, take a look at our bollywood diva Deepika padukone’s Style statement!

Deepika Style Corset over White Shirt

Trust Deepika Padukone to do risque fashion with such elegance. When she wore a corset over an over-sized white shirt, it became an overnight sensation. The fact that she used an over-sized white shirt and classic denim look is what caught my eye however. 

Deepika padukone wears corset over shirt

Deepika wears corset over shirt

Wearing inner wear as outer wear was seen a lot on the runways this year but no one thought we could start wearing it on the streets untill Deepika did this and so fabulously. 

Wear your bralette like celebrity - Deepika padukone

Celeb style bralette over shirt

I recreated her look with a black spagetti top instead. Ofcourse I dont have a bralette like this and I would not invest on one, unless I am actually going to use is much, which chances are nil. But I do have black inner and that’s what the basic concept is about right? Wearing your inner as outer. 

how to wear a bralette as outer wear

how to wear bralette as outer wear?

So here is what I did. I folded the bottom part of the inner on the inside to make it into a short crop top. I later belted it up with a broad belt to give it a corset kind of feel. 

how to wear deepika padukone style corset over shirt

how to wear deepika style corset shirt

I completed the look with classic blue denims and loafers. So thats my celebrity inspired white shirt styling. Look one from the five different ways to wear white shirt!

Deepika Style single shoulder shirt

Remember Deepika and Ranveer’s hot photoshoot where she wore a single shoulder or a cold shoulder white shirt? That was one statement look with a classic white shirt and blue jeans but she made it look oh so glam!

how to make single shoulder shirt look like deepika

Deepika style Single shoulder shirt

Wow!! right? Now if you are wondering how to wear Deepika style glam shirt look? Worry not! Here is a DIY one-shoulder shirt look for you.

restyling old shirt - one white shirt many ways

DIY one-shoulder shirt from old shirt

Take an over-sized boyfriend white shirt and wear the sleeve only on one arm, take the shirt button strip on the opposite corner and tie the buttons on the side, taking the other side sleeve at your back and neatly tucking it inside your pants making a beautiful pattern at your back as well. 

Glam look with white shirt like Deepika padukone

Deepika style glam look white shirt

I love the fact that Deepika has chosen high waisted denims with the white shirt which makes tucking in of the shirt much easier. 

Celebrity style glam look with white shirt

Celebrity style

The shirt is a loose fitting over-sized one which makes it easier to carry this cut. . A pair of fancy oversized hoops and red heels complete the glam look. 

5 different ways to style plain white shirt like celebrity

different ways to wear a white shirt

The problem however was that my shirt is not as loose as it has to be so it looked a little bit stretched around the bust. I had first few buttons opened to keep enough space for the hand, however I could not take the button strip completely at the side due to this reason. If you choose to create the exact same look, you can use an over-sized shirt and this issue will be resolved. 

deepika style one shoulder shirt

Deepika style one shoulder shirt

Belt bag or waist bag look with white shirt

Earlier came women’s trendy fanny packs and now they have made way for sleek waist bags or belt bags that are tiny purses with belt that can be tied across your waist effortlessly. I quite like the idea of it, however not the idea of investing in a new trendy bag that might go out of trend after some time. 

Style your shirt like Deepika padukone

how to wear shirt like deeepika padukone

So when I saw this stylish sporty look of Deepika, the first thing I thought was to figure out a way for that belt bag. I did had to look hard when I opened my wardrobe as out popped this black wallet that I had bought a long time ago. It has a teddy bear on the front and this is the black back of it. I had kept this one aside thinking “little A” will use it someday. Little did I know I will find a way to use it again. 

Celebrity style White shirt - Deepika Padukone

Celebrity Style white shirt

So here is what i did. I used the wallet upside down and passed a sleek belt through it and then close the wallet and Voila my belt bag was really. 

oversized white shirt with belt bag

white shirt with belt bag

So I did not have cycle shorts so I used my black jeggings and loafers because again I didn’t have black sports shoes. 

Deepika Statement sleeve white shirt

This is by far my most favourite recreation of Deepika Padukone’s white shirt glamorous look. With this statement sleeves white shirt in a monochrome look deepika took the Shirt styling to next level totally. So when I decided to recreate this monochrome look. I wondered what I would do with the statement sleeves, and I came up with bell sleeves. But I did not have a shirt with Bell sleeves! 

Celebrity fashion trends - Deepika padukone style shirt look

Deepika style statement sleeve shirt

I created this look by adding bell sleeves to my Shirt. You do no that all these looks are created from the single shirt right? So how did I created this bell sleeves you may ask. Well they are my daughters frocks!! like literally! They are the bottom skirt part of my daugther’s dress tightly secured with a safety pin. However I could not create those pointy drooping collar of hers. Sustainable styling next level aint it? Well that’s the fun with shopping from your own wardrobe and following restyling and rewearing. All you need to do is use your creativity. 

Deepika padukone celebrity style white shirt look

how to style white shirt like deepika padukone

This one is my favorite amongst all the five different ways to wear a white shirt, because its super glamorous. Also because this celebrity Inspired look required quite a lot of DIY! 

diy statement white shirt

DIY Statement shirt

Here is my DIY Statement bell sleeve White shirt created from my regular fit normal shirt!

deepika padukone style monochrome white look

Monochrome white look

I completed my Deepika inspired monochrome white shirt look with matching white denim pants and silver hanging earrings. 

celebrity fashion trends - Deepika padukone all white look

different ways to wear a shirt

This is the white shirt that has been styled in different ways to create all this five glam looks. You can have more than five ways to wear a white shirt because shirts are totally versatile and a wardrobe essential. which is why a white shirt is part of every sustainable stylist’s capsule wardrobe. 

Gym look with white shirt

The most casual way to wear your oversized white shirt is to let it loose and tuck it down your shoulders to create this off-shoulder shirt look. One of Deepika padukone’s airport look consisted of this oversized shirt with destroyed black leggings and big tote bag!

Celebrity fashion - Deepika style recreation

Deepika style white shirt look

She has clearly used an oversized large shirt, may be Ranveer’s and styled it up casually with her ripped denims and boots. I created this look with the same shirt by opening the front buttons and tugging the shirt on both ends. 

How to style oversized white shirt like deepika padukone

Style oversized white shirt

I used plain jeggings instead of ripped denims coz i dont have black denims and I also carried a tote bag to complete the recreation. This ends my series of one shirt many ways to style with five glamorous ways to wear a white shirt.

Stay Stylish Stay Sustainable!

Hello! I am Hami Keshwani, Owner and Editor in Chief of this Blog! I have been blogging since 2011 and Fashionmate is my first baby. Know more about me in the about us page!

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