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Google Pixel 4a Specs

Google Pixel 4a Specs – Phone King

Google Pixel 4a

Google Pixel 4a Pics

Google Pixel 4a Full Specification

Chip Snapdragon 730
Display 1080*2340,5.8-inch
Storage 64GB or 128GB(both numbers have leaked)
Camera 12.2MP, 8MP Front
Battery 3,080mAh
Music Headphone jack
Charging Type-C
fingerprint scanner
Wireless charger-NO
Processor Android 10
Color Black,Barely Blue
Price 400€ eur

Google Pixel 4a Price

Google new upcoming mobile pixel 4a price is 400€ eur.

Google Pixel 4a Battery

The new upcoming Google pixel 4a come with most Powerful Battery. Pixel 4a Battery Capacity is 3,080 mAh is really impressive, if you see iPhone SE 2 Battery
and Pixel 4a is very much different. in this brand new google mobile battery capacity is very good. and if you see camera iPhone SE 2 and google pixel 4 is almost same. The iPhone SE 2 camera come with 12MP Main and 7MP Selfie. if you see google pixel 4a camera is 12.2MP main and 8MP selfie. now upcoming day we see who model camera result Quality is Good.
this new phone Google launch in this month 22 date. based on German tech blog.

Google Pixel 4a Launch Date

Google pixel 4a Launch in 22 May 2020.According to German Tech blog.

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