WhatsApp Business app: 

WhatsApp is available for free via App Store and Google Play Store.

WhatsApp Business app: What is it, how its work and why you should use it?

WhatsApp, the popular messaging app in India and around the world, has billions of active users. Being the most popular messaging platform, WhatsApp also offers umpteen number of opportunities for small businesses to grow.  That’s where WhatsApp Business comes in. The whole idea of WhatsApp Business is to have a separate version of WhatsApp connecting businesses and consumers. The app is designed to make small businesses communicate with customers and manage their orders.

1.What is WhatsApp Business:

Broadly speaking, WhatsApp Business is designed for small business owners. Through WhatsApp, you can create a business profile to share important information such as website and email address. You can use WhatsApp Business to create a catalog to show your products. If you run a cupcake business, you can message customers, send them updates about new varieties of cupcakes and answer their queries on WhatsApp Business. Plus, you will be able to respond to customers very easily via quick replies, greeting messages, and away messages.

WhatsApp Business app: What is it, how its work and why you should use it?

What is the difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business?

Look, WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business are two separate apps. Even though they look similar, both apps are different in nature. While WhatsApp is a messaging app that’s meant to keep you in touch with friends and family, WhatsApp Business is a platform to promote your business. The latter app allows you to use WhatsApp to communicate with your customers and grow your brand.

The difference between the two apps also comes in the form of features. Some features are common across both apps but the WhatsApp Business gets special features like setting up business profiles, and business messaging tools.

How to make an account on WhatsApp Business?

*Download and install the App and Continue.

*Enter your Phone Number.

*Verify your Phone Number through OTP.

*Choose the Name and Kind of Business.

*You are ready with a WhatsApp Business Account