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UK mobile networks go down as people start working from home due to coronavirus

All of the major mobile networks in the UK are suffering severe outages, causing further problems for the millions of Britons now working from home to flatten the curve of coronavirus.

Mobile networks including EE, Vodafone, O2, and 3 are all said to be experiencing issues, just a day after Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s advised the public to avoid workspaces.

However, the operators don’t think the problem is due to the immense growth in remote working.

“We don’t believe it is connected to the rise in home working [due to the coronavirus],” said EE.

They are instead blaming the disruption on “interconnect issues” that originated at O2.

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In a statement, O2 said it would share updates on its efforts to fix the network as they were available.

TNW reporters on EE and Vodafone have experienced no problems, but the O2 network was down at the time of writing.

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