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Best Kept Secrets of Our Top Destinations

Shhh…keep this very, very quiet because we’re spilling all the tea right now. When it comes to educational student tours, we’re going to let you in on the best-kept secrets for our top destinations! So strap in and get ready, we’re giving you the keys to our travel tips vault so your students will have the BEST time on your next trip.

Join the Revolution in Boston, MA

When we talk about spilling the tea, naturally Boston student tours need to be our first destination. Home of the Boston Tea Party, duck tours, Quincy Market and more, this town is filled with history and fun but what about the hidden gems of B-town?

I scream, you scream, we all scream for…wait a minute…that’s no normal ice cream shop! The 40 foot tall Hood Milk Bottle is a Boston staple for ice cream and snacks, sitting right next to the Boston Children’s Museum. From milkshakes to sundaes, students will be savoring every last drop (and not to mention taking selfies with this GIANT milk bottle to show everyone at home!).

If you’re looking for a break from the concrete, or somewhere scenic to eat that yummy ice cream cone, take a stroll over to Fenway Victory Gardens. While World War II was happening, many Americans were taking up gardening back home to aid in dwindling food supplies. The garden has 500+ different flowers, vegetable and herb gardens, and fishponds all currently taken care of by community members.

Make History in Washington, D.C.

We all know Washington, D.C. is the ideal place to learn about America’s history, complete with museums for just about anything you can think of. So what are some of the treasures hiding within the streets of Washington, D.C. student trips?

Take off into learning with the Air and Space Museum located in the Smithsonian. From the 1903 Wright Flyer, Neil Armstrong’s Apollo 11 spacesuit, and thousands of other objects on display, your students will be sure to get lost in space at this museum.

While the National Zoo isn’t exactly a secret, touring it as a breakfast spot is! Opening at 8 AM, the Zoo is one of the earliest exhibits to open its doors in the DC area. Grab a bite for your students (and maybe a large coffee for yourself!) and start your day by having breakfast with the giraffes!

Let Freedom Ring in Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia is known for its famous monuments like the Rocky Steps and the Liberty Bell. After you check off the must-sees on your list, have you thought about what you can do next on your Philadelphia student tours?

Bring your students to a truly magical garden that teaches them about urban beautification and art. If you haven’t gotten the hint already, we’re talking about Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens – a mixed media, immersive art exhibit created with things like tiles, bottles, mirrors, and even old bicycle tires. Every student on the trip will be able to appreciate this exhibit (and will have the coolest pics to show for it).

Since we’re talking best-kept secrets, it’s only fitting that we let you in on the whispering benches. Located at Smith Memorial Arch in Fairmount Park, these benches were designed so that you sit on one end of them, whisper quietly…and be heard loud and clear on the other end! You’ll be sure to hear your students giggling the entire time you’re there.

Explore the Melting Pot in New York City, NY

Take a bite out of the Big Apple on your next NYC student tours. Filled with lights, culture, theater, and more, you can be sure there are some local secrets hidden around the city as well. Where can you find the best kept secrets of the city that never sleeps?

While you see the shining lights all over the city, how about seeing some gold shine? Almost 80 feet below the New York Federal Reserve in the Financial District, the gold vault holds the largest concentration of gold in history! It even includes a federal vault that holds deposits from banks all over the world. Keep in mind, you’ll need to register 30 days prior to your trip for security purposes.

Looking for something on the spookier side? Visit the abandoned Smallpox Hospital on Roosevelt Island. Untouched since the patients were released, the building now serves as a reminder of the epidemic and how it affected even the biggest cities in the country. Although you can’t enter the hospital anymore, you can still get up close to the historical site.

There you have it! Our top destination secrets: unlocked. If you’re looking to plan educational student trips in the upcoming months, be sure to include some of our best-kept secrets in your itinerary!

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