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Washington DC : Where to Go

Washington, DC is rich in history and full of things to learn and see. This makes it an ideal place to plan a trip for your students. With the amount of sites to see, however, it can be hard to know where to start when putting together your itinerary. This list serves as a starting point for the top places you should consider seeing.

Lincoln Memorial. The Lincoln Memorial and Reflecting Pool is a tribute to American President Abraham Lincoln, which was formed in 1867 after Lincoln’s assassination in 1865. There are a number of murals around the moment that pay tribute to various moments in Lincoln’s presidency. The reflection pool and surrounding gardens provide an opportunity to take in everything from the memorial.

Library of Congress. The Library of Congress holds 532 miles of shelves with over 115 million items. This is a great opportunity for students to explore all the different offerings of one of the largest libraries in the world.

National Mall. The National Mall is an open area of gardens, fountains, trees, monuments, and more than that is great for exploring and seeing a different side of Washington DC. Being amongst the locals and the hustle and bustle of the city helps students feel the unique vibe of our nation’s capital.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial. The majestic statue of Martin Luther King, Jr. stands tall over Southwest DC, paying tribute to Civil Rights activist Martin Luther King, Jr. The monuments in the surrounding area combined with this statue create a beautiful walk-through and opportunity for contemplation.

The US Capitol. Not only is the Capitol architecturally impressive and symbolically significant, it’s functional as well. The Senate and the House of Representatives have been meeting there for more than 200 years, making this a historically rich site for students to learn about.

There are quite a few more historic sites to see when you travel to Washington DC. There are also tours available that allow your students to see multiple sites within a day, as well as enjoy entertainment and dining options.

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