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Dinner in DC : Why Our Capital Is a Patriotic and Tasty Place

While sightseeing, taking tours, and learning the rich history of our nation is an integral part of a trip to Washington, DC, one can’t forget about the things that are just for fun! And frankly, there is little more fun than NEW FOODS! Going out to eat can finish off a great day on a perfect note, or provide the perfect mid-day, relaxing activity between educational tours.

These are the top places to eat in Washington, DC:

Call Your Mother Deli. When it is time to carb up for a day of walking and learning – this is the go-to place. This deli is a great breakfast or lunch spot for interesting takes on bagels. They have stuffed bagels, pizza bagels, and signature sandwiches as well as other deli staples.

The Federalist Pig. What is great about this homegrown smokehouse is that the pitmaster, Rob Sonderman, does not subscribe to a specific regional style. Rather, this barbecue joint pulls inspiration from all over the country to create brisket, smoked poultry, chicken, sausage, and sides that are full of flavor. Sizzle, sizzle!!

Estadio. Can you say delicioso?! This has been a staple in the Washington DC Spanish food scene for years. They feature small plates and tapas as well as full dishes with a contemporary spin.

The Red Hen. Doesn’t everyone crave meatballs after a day of learning about American history!? Just us?? Well if you are in the same pasta lovin’ club, this is Washington DC’s go-to for homey Italian food. The menu is seasonal, so be sure to check out their current offerings before you go to know what is on the menu but you can not go wrong any time of year!

Maydan. For those looking for Middle Eastern cuisine, Maydan is a must-try. You can see the clay ovens used to cook the flatbreads authentically. The food is as delicious as it is visually appealing!

Zenebach. This Ethiopian restaurant is perfect for people looking to try something they may be able to easily find everywhere. It recently reopened after a devastating fire, but they are thriving as strong as ever. They specialize in dishes with sharp, fresh flavors that celebrate the many unique flavors of Ethiopia.

Queen’s English. This restaurant pays homage to owners Henji Cheung and Sarah Thompson’s heritage. The restaurant serves dishes that you would find in Hong Kong, as well as modern twists that experiment with infused soy sauces and Chinese herbal syrups.

Washington, DC is an attraction for student trips for so many reasons — including the food! So follow your growling tummy – to the capital! Be sure to stop by one of these places on your next trip to the nation’s capital.

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