How to Eat Clean with Limited Time for Meal Prep with Special Guest Lori Weiss

Time! I never run out of ideas and I’m overly creative so my biggest struggle is having the time to prepare all the yummy dishes! ~ Facebook User

Many folks struggle with time for meal prep. I know I have said this in the past that I didn’t have time but it really wasn’t true that I didn’t have the time. I have the same time available to me everyday and the same time as everyone else around the world. The times I said I didn’t have time to make a meal was truly because I chose to prioritize other things that I felt were necessary to get done at that time. This point does not make the choices we make less valid. We just need to figure out priorities, get real with ourselves and the demands on our life and create the life we want for ourselves with the resources that we have.

A while back, I went to a homebuyers class and the instructor basically told folks to save money on buying food out so they can get enough money together for their downpayment. When lunch time came up, everyone went to buy food at local fast food joints. I knew we would be at the training all day so I packed food and water. I’m used to this because I’m in the health conscious vegan minority. I pack my food before I go or else I plan to fast so I at least bring water and the mental state to fast. This was just a very interesting example for me on how we all live in different worlds. To eat clean and be out in the world, you have to plan. If you’re not good at planning, practice. Practice makes perfect.

How do you eat clean with limited time? Our special guest and author, Lori Weiss, has the answers.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

🗣️ How to start relationships to reinforce health goals
🗣️ How to get children involved in your healthy eating lifestyle
🗣️ How to do a mango island

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