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Can science help you lose weight?

Science revolutionizes weight loss

New studies find new way to lose weight efforltessly

Sport and fitness globally have recently become one of the most profitable industries in the world. The boom of the fitness industry is mainly because of people believing they have to do sport in order to lose weight – and also because people like sport. BUT new scientific studies have recently discovered a revolutionary way to lose weight that contradicts the idea of the necessity to exercise .

Self-confidence is probably the most important factor towards individual success and happiness. With today’s beauty and fashion marketing norms, men, and especially women, pay more attention to ones’ body (not to be sexist, but men take less care of themselves). This leads to people judging other people on their figure, weight and fitness. But more importantly, people have begun to judge their own body. This leads to thousands of women feeling uncomfortable with how they look, leading to loss of self-confidence. Some have turned to sport to lose weight, but sport requires extreme dedication and time for long term results. Others have given up.

But today, science has discovered a hormone that is alone responsible for the metabolism of fat cells . These studies prove that no matter how tall you are or how much sport you do, some people are deemed to gain excess fat faster than others. You may be thinking this is bad news for people that have been trying for a long time to cut down on weight, but this study has led to the discovery of a brand new technique to effortlessly lose weight. This method offers a way to control your metabolism on order to boost the way your body gets rid of fat cells. Celebrities have actually been using similar techniques for a few years, but after the publishing of this new study, millions of people around the world have gotten excited to try it out.

It therefore brings us to question the benefits of sport in weight loss, especially now that we know that fat burning metabolism is most active during your sleep. We may conclude by reminding ourselves that sport is generally good for your health, but that research has revealed there are way more effective methods when it comes to weight loss.

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