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A Photographers Love Letter To Golden

Dear Golden British-Columbia,

You have taken care of me for 27 years since the day I was born here.

I didn’t know it back then, but we are the perfect fit for each other. Growing up, you gave me a small community that kept me safe and that connected me to nature. With gratitude, I know that I grew up in one of the greatest places on Earth. As an adult, I have a deep love for this tight-knit, mountain loving, adventurous community.

My adult years with you, Golden, have been full of cross-country/downhill biking, exploring alpine lakes, skiing at Kicking Horse Mountain/in the backcountry, sharing local Whitetooth Brewery beers with friends, and finding joy in participating in this wonderful community. Each day I get to drive home along the glacial rivers and get to go biking right out of my front yard. Golden, you are an incredible place and I feel lucky that you are my hometown.

Throughout my life, you have made me rich with experiences and friendships. Over the years, you have brought countless people into my life who inspire me to be the best person, athlete, business owner, and artist that I can be. You have truly united an exceptional community of people, Golden.

We have been through some tough times of loss together too. Sometimes, the mountains take people from us too early. These times are always difficult, but having our community of rad people as support makes it a little bit better. I do my best to look at these experiences you give us as life lessons. They remind me to play safer and to love endlessly.

To love endlessly is what pushed me to become the Photographer and the Artist I am today. As I photograph a baby’s first days in the world or an important family milestone, I keep everything you have taught me close to my heart: community, adventure, and love. You have given these important pillars to my life and to my photography business. Thank you.

Golden, everything you have given me has shaped who I have become. I take great pride in saying that I am from here. I promise to keep doing you good by adventuring as much as possible and by photographing the amazing people who live here.

Love and cheers,
Your Photographer Jena

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