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If there is one electric car company which stands out over the last decade it has to be Tesla Motors, which is why our Tesla Motors forum is growing in popularity. The ability to chat with other Tesla owners has proved invaluable for many as they seek to make full use of the new Tesla vehicles hitting the market.  So, what are the general discussions about Tesla EVs?

Driving a Tesla

The first thing that hits you when you drive any Tesla electric car is the actual experience of being inside the vehicle. Even though Tesla is looking to hit the mass market with the Tesla Model 3, it is easy to forget that the company started as a niche electric sports car outfit. However, the Tesla that we see today is very different to that of 10 years ago which is reflected in the multibillion-dollar market cap of the group.

New developments from Tesla

It seems that every day brings a new development from Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, whether this is a new charging structure, autonomous driving option, or the infamous wing doors. The beauty of Tesla is the fact that the company readily admits it does not get everything right but where there are issues, they are addressed very quickly. This gives both consumers and experts a great deal of confidence that the company will eventually get it right.

Nothing that Elon Musk announces is surprising any more, but plans to launch electric buses and electric trucks caught many in the market by surprise. The merge of his sister company SolarCity with Tesla will also add to the company’s product range with plans to introduce solar powered battery products. While some are concerned that Tesla Motors is not yet the finished article, the serial entrepreneur already has his eyes on the next expansion stage.

Pushing the envelope

Even though Tesla has dragged the electric car industry kicking and screaming to the verge of the mass market, the company still continues to push the envelope and push the technological boundaries. While the electric car project is nowhere near finished (although great strides have been made) the company already has plans to work on electric buses, electric trucks and also introduce a self-driving electric car taxi service.

You may think that the majority of people are not ready for semi-autonomous vehicles but there is no doubt it is attracting intrigue and interest. History shows us that real business leaders are often 1st to market with ideas that the general public had already thought of but perhaps needed more education about. There is no doubt that autonomous vehicles fall into this category and while some of the press comments of late have been derogatory after one terrible accident, many in the media consciously refuse to publish positive comments about the company.

Elon Musk

The name Elon Musk will go down in folklore when we look back at the electric car industry in years to come. This entrepreneur has touched so many different areas of the business arena that it is difficult to say where he has been more successful. Mr. Musk began with his electronic payment system PayPal, which was sold in a multi-million dollar deal and then moved on to the likes of Tesla and businesses focusing more on solar power and space travel. The fact that he is more than happy to take on the establishment has perhaps hindered the mass acceptance that people such as Elon Musk deserve.

However, this is a man who does not focus too much on public image and tends to put his head down, introduce new technology, and wait for others to follow.

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