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Garden By the Bay: It is a very popular tourist attraction in Singapore, and rightly so. The breadth of plants and the creative methods they display are awe-inspiring. Supertree Grove and Cloud Forest are both musts for photographers. And the 114-foot indoor waterfall is a site. And Book Singapore Honeymoon Tour Packages  then explored all beauties However, the garden can be very crowded. The crowd moves slowly, so it is not ideal for anyone in a crowd.

National Gallery Singapore: With over 8,000 works, the National Gallery Singapore owns the largest public collection of modern art in Southeast Asia. It is spread over two beautiful national monuments: City Hall and the former Supreme Court of the country. Some visitors spend half a day (or more) wandering the museum’s many galleries.

Pulau Ubin: The island was once known for granite mines. But when they closed down in the 1970s and jobs declined, residents began to leave. Today, the island is home to less than 50 people who have chosen to live for the old way of life. Which is exactly what people like to go for. The move to Pulau Yubin is like a journey back to the time that Singapore was decades ago. Even it is getting old fashioned

Merlion Park: This walk with a view of Marina Bay is home to Singapore’s iconic 28-foot Marillion statue, a half-fish, half-lion stone carving that shoots water into the bay. This fish marks the beginning of Singapore as a fishing village, while the lion’s head is a node for Singapore, meaning “Lion City” in Malay.

Marina Bay Sands: This one for the Bowlers – if you have a splash of cash, you can dine at a Michelin starred restaurant to get a view of the skypark. The huge Moshe Safi-designed mall, casino, convention center and hotel is perhaps Singapore’s most iconic building. A-Visit, ArtScience Museum, Singapore’s most futuristic, and 57-story skypark, is Singapore’s best.

Haw Par Villa: Forget manicure or wild, this 3.2 hectare outdoor art park is plain quaint and a feast for the eyes. It was founded in the 1930s by Tiger Baum founder and philanthropist Ava Boon Hav, who commissioned more than 1,000 elaborate sculptures and dioramas that would teach traditional Chinese moral values. Subsequently, it was popular and crowded, but it has diminished over the years.

Sentosa: Sentosa is a 1,236-acre island resort off the south coast of Singapore that is home to major tourist attractions such as Universal Studios Singapore, S.A.A. Aquarium, and Tiger Sky Tower Observatory. Singapore and international travelers also come here to roam the beaches, shop the zipline at the Mega Adventure Park, the massive luxury fashion galleria, and more. Golf is a big thing here, Sentosa Golf Club has two award-winning courses. In short, the island is a turing machine, which is fine for appealing to a wide range of people — except those seeking an off-beaten-path vacation.

The Southern Ridges: The southern bridge is a 5.6-mile recreational route that connects five parks with Singapore’s Mountain Faber Park, Telok Blangah Hill, Hortpark, Kent Ridge Park and Labrador Nature Reserve. Like everything in Singapore, it is well built and manicured. The landscape varies between forest-like canopies of trees, unusual flora and fauna, and architectural spectacular trails. If you are not for the full five plus miles, make sure you reach Henderson Waves, a wooden deck extending 256 feet in the air. It is the tallest pedestrian bridge in Singapore and is loved by photographers for its curves.

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